Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cause and Effect

Good morning

I woke up early this morning feeling sick and in need of tea & toast, pregnancy does that strange thing to you of feeling sick & hungry at the same time. Any weight i have put on is not the baby its a culmination of Cereal & Toast, I gave up drinking to have a love affair with carbohydrates!!! Along with my other lover "Nutella"

I picked up a book last night and went off to bed and asked "Junior" that's my baby's nickname (no i don't know if i'm having a boy or a girl) to pick a random page, this is what i read:

The darkness was never a thing of itself, it was merely a confused state. The source of our supply was not really cut off, it stopped at our place of confusion and no longer functioned for us. This is a perfect statement of the mental law of cause and effect and it again warns us that we must be aware of the use we are making of the law, we must keep our thought straight.

It is not always easy to do this, but the law of cause and effect, being no respecter of persons and always working automatically and mechanically and with mathematical precision, must flow through each one of us in the terms of our own acceptance. When we become confused and short circuit this acceptance we are cutting ourselves off from its supply, but we do not destroy the supply, it is still there.

It is a wonderful thought to realize that the eternal bounty can be short-circuited only as far as we are concerned, it cannot be either exhausted or depleted. We shall never be disappointed for the law is always operating. - Ernest Holmes

What I love about this is it shows us how we use our own minds, its so easy to start on a negative streak and just keep going along that path thinking nothing is going to go our way, but this is not true and we know things do eventually turn around. I love to think that there and then in that moment its already whole, perfect, its just our way of viewing the situation.

Life is always going to throw us some challenging times but its how and what we do with it that matters. I have a friend at the moment who is facing a tough time with a terminally unwell relative, but her spirit and how she is dealing with it is beautiful in itself, what she is learning along the way is transforming her in new ways. She is delving deeper into herself and discovering new horizons within her that she did not know existed.

Please do not think for one minute I'm not seeing the pain, the heartache, i understand these only too well, but its that spirit that part of us within, that never leaves, that law that is always there, it may stop due to short circuiting but it will never go, and its that in itself which will help us continue and return with a big smile and a deeper spirit & understanding of ourselves.

Enjoy your day, take a deep breath and smile and let your spirit shine through to light up somebody elses day.

Sat Nam
Becky X

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