Thursday, September 23, 2010

My friend the Quiet

Today its simple, to just be graceful & grateful.

I left my home and went for a walk along the cliff tops of where I live by the ocean. I took myself to a beautiful rock and sat in "Easy Pose" and started a sound Meditation. My mind at first wondered it kept wanting to think, worry, judge, thinking of the past the present, I kept with my meditation and then the stillness appeared.

My friend the quiet, the divine, the part of me that never ever leaves or goes anywhere, that place from where we came and where we will be returning too.

As I left I looked at the abundance of beauty around me, the vast ocean, the birds, the cliffs, the flowers (one which i picked and floats in water next to me now) colours, the sky, I realised Abundance is everywhere.

The most beautiful moment was the peace i felt and feel now as i write these words that place within which is always always there for us to access, that part of us that will never ever go anywhere its only ourselves that refuse its grace.

Find your true friend, take some time for you to connect to you, walk in nature then stop and breathe in the beauty, the wonder of yourself.
Sat Nam

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  1. ahhh the Peace... the grace.. the Love of all true Wonder <3 x 0 x 0 x blessed by the words that capture so sweet!