Friday, September 17, 2010

Oprah & George Michael

So as I'm sure all of Australia has heard Oprah is coming to Australia, she is bringing her American audience here to the opera house, so you either care, don't care or your like whatever!!

Well I'm actually a fan, yep i have said it out loud, OK not a fan as in having posters of Oprah all over my bedroom or Oprah shirts & tatoos but i do enjoy watching her show. I suppose i like to see the guests who come on the show and I enjoy the topics which she address's. I find her & the show inspirational.

So if i can get a ticket to the Opera house to see Oprah then yep i will be there for sure. I may even jump up and down on my couch when i find out i have tickets, and while I'm coming out I like Tom Cruise too!!!

We love to judge as a society we seem to be very quick to jump to conclusions about people before we know the facts, think of some of the people who you don't know who you do not personally speak too, people you have never had a conversation with and yet you could probably find so many reasons for judging that person because somebody told you something or you read something.

We need to come to our own conclusions with correct information, we need to remember when we judge others we must be open to being judged ourselves.

Which brings me to George Michael going to prison. Well i really cant judge now can I after my last paragraph but what i can tell you is the prison that he is in, is the one I taught at in the UK and it really is not nice, (not that prisons are supposed to be nice) but hey let me tell you they do not have some celebrity wing out the back with a spa that's for sure.

I remember walking through it, I didn't have too but i thought it would give me more of an idea of what the inmates are living in and coming from each morning when they came to my class. I remember that morning wondering what to wear to a men's prison, i didn't want some low cut top on and tight jeans the more anonymous i could be the better, (nuns outfit) however i think just the smell of my soap would of wafted through the corridors to awaken the Testosterone in that place.

Some of the guys were seriously out of it high on drugs to get them off drugs, cigarette butts where everywhere with the smell of Tobacco stuck to every brick in there. Cockroaches ran around and men just stared at me, it was one of the most strangest experiences i have ever encountered. The worst part for me was going past the sex offenders building they were all shouting out from their cells. I am glad i went ahead and did it as it gave me more of an insight into the guys who were in my class but I would never do it again. I remember the first class i sat in on, the teacher put on the Shawshank Redemption movie for the inmates to watch!!! He didn't think there were enough students to hold the class???

So George must be going through quite an experience right now.

May you all have a great weekend, remember to smile at someone you do not know and if the occasion arises where you find yourself about to go into judge mode take a breath and think do i really need to judge this person?

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