Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have been so excited about writing and having my own blog, you should of seen me last night and this morning trying to set this up anyone would think it was rocket science.

After a great lunch with a really close friend of mine yesterday who i adore she managed to get me all pumped about starting my blog, my writing career, she had just found about about a fantastic interview she had managed to get so by the end of lunch we were both feeling pretty good about ourselves. Its amazing what a bit of good girl company can do.

So there i was last night and this morning trying to get this all together and the funny thing is as soon as i was in a position to write i had no idea what to write. I did even mention that at lunch yesterday, what will i say? My friend replied you have so much to say!!!

So here i am and it feels pretty good, i have no idea how to find people to read this and what to do next but hey I'm gonna work it out!

My aim is to develop a site "Dear Becky" call me sad but i have always fancied myself as one of those people who the public write into with problems and whats going on in their life for some direction. I am a Kundalini yoga teacher, i have spent many years working in the holistic/spiritual side of things. I have done life coaching in a men's prison in the UK and taught self esteem classes to unemployed women as well as yoga at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. I have also worked in Television reading Tarot cards - yep its true (what an experience that was!!) and also done television presenting and a dash of acting. These are the parts of my career that i have loved and brought me lots of enjoyment and a buckets of stories!!!

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and starting a whole new journey, i am entering "Mums World" its exciting, scary, filled with hormones running all over the show.

So I'm going to write about lots of different subjects as they arise, please feel free to drop me a line, I really would love to hear from you!
Becky x


  1. OMG This is fabulous newz!! I am buzzing with Joy!! The perfect new project to keep in touch and share all your treasures and newz, gee wiz!!! This is the best news to start this on a lovely sunny day in old Britannia, and link with our one and only Fave Becky in OZ, as far across the pond you can get back so foreva near in hearts, hugzzz, laughter and a big phat screamin DOROOOTHHHYYYY!! Following the golden path of freedom, love, creativity, and wonder where all our dreamz come true!! So much Love to you ANGEL!! may the story unfold... Words can't express my happiness at this discovery in the makin hehehe BIG BIG LOVE... X X X

  2. Hi Becky.

    Nice to see you doing something for the betterment of humankind.

    London misses you loads :-)

    Rich (Your fav MBS customer)

  3. Welcome to Becky World !! Inspiration central!

  4. Go for it Becks!!! Give it all you've got! Goof Luck!!! Much Love, Millie